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New Divers tips and discussion

Challenging the “Rules”

CHALLENGING THE “RULES” OF SCUBA DIVING: BECAUSE NOT EVERYTHING IS BLACK AND WHITE BY DIVE TRAINING If you’re like most divers, you’ve heard of — and perhaps adhere to — procedures that are considered “normal” within our sport. A few classic “always and nevers” include: always dive with a buddy; always do your deepest dive first; […]

Why Do Divers “Break the Rules”?

WHY DO DIVERS KEEP BREAKING THE “RULES”? By Gareth Lock After a diving accident, it doesn’t take long for the commentators and observers to look for the rules that were broken. “They didn’t monitor their gas.” “They weren’t sufficiently experienced.” “They didn’t do X, Y or Z…” The design of rules, their application and subsequent rule-breaking […]

Secrets to Saving Air

Secrets to Saving Air while Scuba Diving By Selene Yeager Do you consistently run through your gas supply faster than other divers on the boat? Do you frequently have to end the dive before the rest of the group? What’s going on? And what can you do about it? First, you can stop beating yourself up […]

Tips for Avoiding Mask Leaks

Tips for Avoiding Mask Leaks by John Brumm A leaky mask has got to be the most annoying thing a diver has to deal with when trying to enjoy a dive (with a fogged-up mask coming in a close second). So any extra effort you can invest in the dive store fitting a new mask […]

6 Tips for Conserving Your Breathing Gas

6 Tips for Conserving Your Breathing Gas by Dr. Thomas Powell: New divers often get into the sport of scuba diving thinking that the more breathing gas they carry, the longer they can stay underwater. Similarly, many new divers compare themselves to friends who have been diving for longer periods and feel like they are […]