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Why Do Divers “Break the Rules”?

WHY DO DIVERS KEEP BREAKING THE “RULES”? By Gareth Lock After a diving accident, it doesn’t take long for the commentators and observers to look for the rules that were broken. “They didn’t monitor their gas.” “They weren’t sufficiently experienced.” “They didn’t do X, Y or Z…” The design of rules, their application and subsequent rule-breaking […]

Make Deco More Productive

FOUR WAYS TO MAKE DECO MORE PRODUCTIVE By: Harry Averill Decompression stops, whether simulated or actual, are an integral part of most technical diver courses. We generally associate decompression with holding on to a line while staring off into space. However, if that is all your students do during deco, you may be missing out on […]

Basic Skills Tech Divers Tend to Get Lazy With

Basic Skills Tech Divers Tend to Get Lazy With When the first “Technical Divers” started to evolve and climb out of the primordial soup of the recreational realm, some would argue they were light years ahead of the modern day recreational divers of today who desire to make the same journey. Without getting into a […]