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EKU REC-110 and REC-111 students will need what is commonly referred to as “personal gear” (Mask, Snorkel, fins, and boots). While rental scuba units (tanks, regulators, BCDs, gauges, and computers) are provided through the student materials fee, personal gear is provided by the student. You may rent personal gear as your instructor may advise however most students elect to purchase their own.

KY Diver, LLC offers deeply discounted prices for personal gear for EKU REC-110 and REC-111 students.

Obtain the CURRENT Discount Code from your instructor to receive EKU pricing – typically 30% off of retail.

In addition to mask, snorkel, fins, and boots it is recommended to purchase a bag to keep gear together, and students with long hair will find that a neoprene mask strap is helpful when doffing and donning a mask underwater. These items are also available at discounted pricing.

EKU Students note: When checking out there are no shipping options. Gear pickup before classes begin may be arranged directly with your instructor when it arrives or you may pickup up newly purchased gear at the pool on the first day of class or when gear arrives in the case of a backordered item.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us.

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